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Thatched Cottage, Aubourn



The key principle was to compliment and not compete with the original historic building. As a Grade II Listed Building, emphasis was placed on not affecting the character of the cottage, whilst maintaining the cultural heritage of the property.


A primary example is the sensitive light-touch of the new extension to the original building. This was achieved through the installations of fully-glazed links to each existing stone gable. This benefits in breaking up the overall mass of the building whilst mediating between new and existing building elements. These coursed limestone gables remained exposed integrally to express the original historical building fabric and rich charm of the original cottage.


Through close collaboration with the client, contractor and conservation planning officer, the project achieved a high-level of architectural detailing which was respectful and enhanced the original historical cottage. This resulted in the rejuvenation of the existing dilapidated cottage into a family home suitable for modern living requirements.

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