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The Airbus A318 Has Arrived!

Works are progressing well internally and externally at the ASI site in Newark, the hangar is now structurally complete and the Airbus A318 has arrived. The aeroplane is officially in its new purpose built hangar (see above). An impressive site and most importantly a great facility for future students to get some fantastic vocational training as they move into the aviation/aerospace industry.

The state-of-the-art facility designed for Lincoln College at their Cattle Market site in Newark, will be the UK’s first air and space training institute. The ASI mission is to re-establish the aviation industry’s natural place amongst adjacent sectors.

With a focus on rebuilding the aviation industry following the pandemic; it is proposed to create the environment, connections, teams, pathways, and facilities through various partners. This will aid in the delivery of skills to meet the attraction, training and recruitment needs of the industry in the UK. The vision is to create a networked set of industry-led training institutes that enable the air and space industry to attract and readily recruit the people it needs from all backgrounds. ASI will set out to meet the needs of local, national and international employers.

Newark and the surrounding areas of Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire already have a rich history of aviation. To achieve successful attraction and recruitment, a range of initiatives will be established including launching new pathways in engineering, pilot and ground; fully integrated industry training into education; creating cutting edge facilities embracing new training methods and linking directly to jobs with regional and national employers. The proposed model seeks to address all of these issues in a single solution; with Newark set to be the first.

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