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Viking House, University of Lincoln


Viking house is a further addition to student accommodation in Lincoln that helps meet the needs of the ever-rising student population. The design consists of a phase 1 refurbishment of the existing building and a phase 2 that is a new build located at the front of the existing building to maximise bed spaces. The site is restrictive and Stem has drawn upon our previous experience of designing student accommodation schemes to maximise the limited space for the phase 2 new build.


A cluster design was adopted for this project to utilised the limited space whilst providing students with a modern, well-lit environment to increase wellbeing. Great quality amenities are now essential with this in mind Stem has designed one or two large communal areas per floor and all rooms required to be en suite to provide great value for money.


Viking house is a contemporary student accommodation that is conveniently located a 2 min walk away from Lincoln University campus. Offering a traditional ‘halls of residence experience’ in a modern environment with high quality amenities to provide students great value for money. Phase 1 refurbishment consists of 174 bed spaces, phase 2 consisting of a new build comprising 90 bed spaces. Both phases are made up of between 9 and 23 students in each apartment to provide social interaction and therefore increasing wellbeing.

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