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Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, University of Lincoln

Lincoln University


Stem were tasked by Lincoln University to design a building to function as both a theatre and learning centre including break out rooms and lecture hall. Additionally, the space required the capabilities to serve in a learning capacity and a professional environment to hold entertainment and theatre shows.


The exterior was designed with a modern approach in mind to add a character to the Lincoln University campus taking inspiration from other buildings that we designed on campus such as the Engine Shed. Stem  provided drama, dance studios and workshop spaces, incorporating tiered seating to provide clear slight lines that are all enclosed in an acoustically sealed box to provide no disturbances to surrounding university buildings.


A striking modern design both internally and externally providing a 446-seat lecture theatre to the thriving Lincoln University campus. The vibrant interior and clever design provide maximum flexibility with the seating plan to facilitate varying floor designs depending on the type of performance or use. A multi-purpose auditorium, designed for live arts performances, conferences, and film screenings that attracts many big names in entrainment and theatre.

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