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Orchard Drive, Grimsby

Longhurst Group


The site was formerly home to Guilford Street, a street lined with terraced housing which was named the second most deprived street in the country in 2010. The aim was to create a vibrant new street which strictly adhered to design principles which sought to nurture strong community values in a safe, secure and comfortable environment.


The development adopted a cul-de-sac approach; forbidding through-access for traffic from Wellington Street to Cope Street as previous layout had allowed. The primary design principle was to open the street by pushing the houses further from the footpath, creating new areas of soft landscaping and off street parking. This also ensured that the street felt much less invasive and improved visibility up and down the street.


The design of Orchard Drive has successfully reinvigorated the area, creating affordable and attractive new homes which have massively benefitted the local community.

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