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High Street Footbridge, Lincoln

Network Rail


The Lincoln High Street level crossing was a notorious bottleneck for pedestrian traffic right in the centre of the city in Lincoln. The amount of rail traffic passing through Lincoln was already substantial and projected to increase significantly in the coming years. A permanent solution had to be found which would allow the unobstructed movement of pedestrian traffic across the railway line and reduce the risk of people jumping the barriers when they are down. The prominent position of the bridge in the heart of the city across from the historic St Mary Le-Wigford Church meant that the design of any new structure would have to be sympathetic to its historic location.


During design development the adjacent property to the south was purchased by the client. Vitally, this allowed for the southern bridge landing to be moved out of the road/pavement area. Two identical towers stand to the north and south of the railway housing accessible passenger lifts and providing support to the main bridge span across the railway track. The mixture of bronze and stone effect panels which clad the bridge towers tie the structure in with the materiality that is on display along the High Street.


The combination of the monolithic towers and careful selection of materials give the bridge a grandeur befitting of its location and status in the centre of Lincoln. It sits comfortably amongst its surroundings and has successfully alleviated the dangerous build-up of pedestrian traffic every time the crossing barriers are down.        

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