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Henry Thornton Building, Lambeth College

Lambeth College


Due to its growing popularity Lambeth College was faced with a shortage of modern classroom spaces on its Clapham Campus. The existing buildings on campus were already operating at peak capacity and in many instances classrooms located in the older 1950’s block were no longer fit for purpose. There was also growing demand from within the college for a practical indoor sports facility in order to meet curriculum demands as well as the need for dedicated nursery facilities on site.


The first step of the project was to look at the campus holistically with the college and rationalise the use of space. It was decided to relocate the administration offices from the modular buildings into reconfigured areas within the existing college buildings, therefore opening up the entire rear of the campus for a bespoke new structure.


The Henry Thornton Building is an attractive and most importantly functional new addition to Lambeth College’s Clapham Campus which delivers much needed teaching space and positively rationalises the entire campus. The plan of the new building was oriented around a landscaped green space with a huge retained tree at its centre acting as a focal point for the campus as a whole.

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