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Broadfield Lane, Boston


The site was previously home to large allotment close to Boston Town Centre. Due to its proximity to several large water courses, the site is designated as a high probability flood zone. Along with this, the biggest challenge was to develop a layout which avoided a ‘super estate’ feel and stayed away from the stale repetition, common in many new build estates.      


To mitigate the flood risk issue, levels on site were significantly raised and two new landscaped attenuation ponds were incorporated into the layout. A varied material pallet of bricks, slates and pantiles was used across the site as well as the use of landscaping to visually break up the mass of houses. The two separate phases were also treated differently, for example in phase one each house was positioned perpendicularly to the roads, whereas the phase 2 properties orientation all matched one another to tie in with the existing vernacular adjacent to the site.


Broadfield Lane has proved to be a popular development within the heart of Boston which successfully connects into an established residential area, helping to meet the high demand for affordable housing without sacrificing quality. The feel of the site and the effect of creating two distinct areas which appeared to have developed organically rather than as one huge development.

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