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Home of Rest for Horses, Bransby


Bransby’s existing facilities were at full capacity limiting the number of animals the charity could take care of. The site consisted of a collection of small buildings varying in size and age clustered around a central courtyard with an historic detached house set in large garden to the north of the site. The majority of the existing structures required work to improve their accessibility and generally bring them up to modern building requirements. Bransby’s general amenities such as parking, catering and toilet facilities were also no longer fit for purpose given the growing number of people that were visiting the site.   


The site was looked at holistically, a rationalisation of the entire facility needed to be undertaken in order to make the most of the available structures on site and maximise Bransby’s potential to grow further. The primary work involved relocating the visitors centre to the main site and providing the amenities needed for its successful operation such as new café toilets and a large car park on site. Works on the main site also included the refurbishment and expansion of the existing stable block and formation of new offices and an exhibition space.


With its expanded and improved facilities, Bransby Horses has continued to grow and attract ever growing numbers of visitors, quickly becoming one the area’s most popular attractions. The enhanced and upgraded buildings mean that the centre is well placed to accommodate the growing numbers of visitors now and in the future.

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