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The Future of Stem Architects

Like many businesses in our industry, it would be a lie to say Covid-19 didn’t cause extreme obstacles and uncertainty for our practice. We faced times where we didn’t know if there was going to be a future for Stem Architects. However, as an organisation and close-knit team we weren’t ready for the end of Stem, and over a year on we are busier than ever and look forward to our future ahead.

As a practice we are a tight knit family of architectural design experts, with many years’ experience in delivering creative solutions for education, residential and commercial environments. Our expertise lies in balancing imaginative ideas with commercial viability, and we constantly coordinate with clients to produce designs that are visionary, cost-effective and deliver great social value.

Our ethos and drive have always been skill retention and localism. Stem extends this ethos to local contractors and consultants building strong relationships with both. We have formed reputable connections with clients nationwide including Network Rail, Lambeth College, Barnsley College, Lincoln College, Torsion Group, and the University of Lincoln to name a few.

Stem’s expertise predominately lies within the Education, Residential and Commercial sectors. Recently completing two brand new Student Accommodation buildings in Lincoln and two prestigious railway bridges, one overlooking the Brayford in Lincoln and the other on the Highstreet in Lincoln. In 2020 Stem Architects won a place on the Pagabo National Framework for Professional Services in Construction. Many clients are now opting to use national frameworks like Pagabo due to economic uncertainty and the assurance that the Frameworks provide. Clients see this as a de-risking exercise and provides assurances due to the rigorous tender procedures that consultants must complete to win a place on the frameworks. Furthermore, the convenience provided by the Pagabo framework benefits all consultants of the design team and is both desirable and hassle free for clients.

Looking forward, we are currently working on some high-profile projects that we are extremely excited to be a part of. Stem Architects continues to acquire new clients in the education and residential sectors including several regional College’s. The practice is currently working on a new unique Aviation & Space Training Institute for Lincoln College and is developing a long-term plan with Barnsley College for their estates strategy over the next five years. Additionally, there are further opportunities opening in the care home and retirement living sector, with various projects coming to fruition. The future for Stem is looking positive with quarterly growth coming out of the pandemic and the team relishes the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead going in to 2022 and beyond.

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International Air & Space Training Institute (IASTI), Lincoln College.
Care Home, Torsion.
Church Street Project, Barnsley College.
Office Refurbishment, ADM.