BIM or Building Information Modelling/Management is a core part of our practice.  We have the capabilities to help clients meet the Government's requirement for all public-sector projects to achieve Level 2 BIM from 2016.  

The BIM process allows us to create an intelligent digital 3D model of a buidling.  Initially clients benefit through early visualisation and costing information.  As the project progresses, typical construction drawings such elevations, floor plans and sections are developed in synchronisation ensuring a coordinated flow of information.

A key benefit for clients is that our intelligent BIM models are populated with essential data for facilities management and life-cycle analysis.  Throughout the design stages we work collaboratively with structural, services and energy consultants to create a working digital representation of the project and aim to simulate life-cycle costs as accurately as possible.

Producing realistic 3D visuals at each design stage ensures the outcome best meets the needs of the client allowing small changes are less time and therefore money consuming. It has also lead to further understanding of the building and its site for all project participants.

The Government's aim is for all design information on a project to be shared through a common file format, combining data from any organisation involved to reduce capital cost and the carbon burden of the construction industry.


For further information on how to ensure your projects are BIM ready for 2016 please contact